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Knowledge management services

Knowledge Management Services

We customize and create Knowledge Management strategy based on business focus of your organization, assist fine tuning of infrastructure, enable an efficient content management system, build culture of sharing and collaboration and promote systematic reuse of knowledge to accelerate your organization’s overall efficiency

Our Approach

  • Redefine KM Strategy and set up infrastructure
  • Content collation, classification and taxonomy building
  • Promote collaboration and sharing culture
  • Finetuning Platforms
  • Facilitate Knowledge Reuse


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Build Expertise and Thought Leadership

Your journey to thought leadership can be expedited through systematic interventions. This can bring down the time to become experts considerably. Through our well evolved and tested approaches we can help you become Thought Leaders across areas of focus which includes, technology, process, quality, and product development.

Our Approach

  • Identify key expertise of the organization
  • Define the Thought Leadership to be achieved
  • Build a team and work with team to build expertise
  • Leverage analytics and AI driven technologies to capture expertise systematically


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Build Expertise
Innovation culture

Creating and Sustaining Innovation Culture

Innovation can be as easy as driving a car, but your driving skills are only as good as your trainer. We can be that trainer who helps you build an innovation ecosystem through structured assessments and evaluations of your organization’s innovation maturity.

Our Approach

  • Facilitate Knowledge Management and idea generation interventions to facilitate a culture of sharing and collaboration
  • Set up infrastructure for Idea generation and Idea management
  • Set up processes and guidelines for IP management
  • Conduct workshops for idea generation, Idea management and IP management


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Enabling Automation and Leveraging AI

Automation is the reward for a trip from immaturity to maturity in performing tasks. At a mature state many tasks can be automated. On the other hand, unplanned automation when organization is immature in performing tasks, will result in failure. We help you fast track your journey to maturity and help you build areas for automation.

Our Approach

  • Evolve a strategy for automation, which provides better control to the journey
  • Measure quantitatively the readiness for automation
  • Through intervention, fast track areas amenable to automation
  • Leverage AI to build maturity through machine driven learning


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Automation and Leveraging AI

Engagement Models


Intervention Period: 5-8 Weeks
  • Organization Assessment
  • Strategy Building
  • Implementation Plan
  • Technical strategy
  • Knowledge Audit


Intervention Period: 3-6 Months
  • Everything in ADVISORY +
  • Operational Strategy & Managing challenges
  • Enterprise Content Management Strategy
  • Hand hold Implementation
  • Training & Workshops


Intervention Period: 12-15 Months
  • Everything in CONSULTATION +
  • Project Management
  • End-to-end Implementation Services
  • FPP Model
  • Adoption & Behavioral change strategy


Retainership Model
  • Everything in IMPLEMENTATION +
  • End-to-End Knowledge Management
  • Dedicated team
  • Outcome based model
  • KPO Program

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