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Virtual Institute

Virtual Enablement of Institute

A virtual way of working is going to be a key requirement for academic institutes. While the Covid-19 pandemic necessitated the need to be virtual, a visible change has been occurring with more and more Edu-technologies focusing on enabling virtual aspects. We not only help build a virtually enabled institution but transform it into becoming an industry leader.

Our Approach

  • Curating and digitizing teaching content
  • Building the internal networking setup
  • Virtual labs and discussion forums


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Promoting Internal Sharing and Collaboration

Sharing and collaboration is one of the key requirements to promote excellence in research, be it within a department or across departments. We focus on enabling faculty and students collaborate within and across departments. We enable enterprise social networking platforms with analytics and AI to promote a sharing and collaboration culture.

Our Approach

  • Enable a culture of sharing and collaboration
  • Break the silos between Deaneries and enhance cross learning
  • Enhance learning, teaching and research capabilities of faculty and student
  • Analytics and AI driven approach to enable research collaboration
  • Build research collaboration competency framework to accelerate quality publications in internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals


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Internal Sharing and Collaboration
Centres of Learning

Build World-Class Centres of Learning

Creating world class centres of learning is a vision and goal of any academic institute and its promoters. However, this journey may take longer time and many institutes takes decades to reach some level of prominence. Systematic interventions related to improvement techniques and learning mechanisms can fast track this journey.

Our Approach

  • Assessments based on international standards and understanding gaps
  • Regularly track best practices emerging, facilitate insight building and new learning
  • Embed the new approaches into the processes, tools and skills and help in fast adoption and improvement.


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Pedagogy and Curriculum Improvement

Introduce Knowledge Management interventions to evaluate pedagogical practices, capture best practices and standardise them at the institutional level. Monitor key competency frameworks of faculty in classrooms, to customize and continuously improve curriculum and coursework for faculty.

Our Approach

  • Initiate Knowledge Management interventions to capture best pedagogical practices
  • Customize and recreate best practices and test on pilot basis across selected classrooms
  • Monitor faculty competency framework
  • Set up processes and guidelines for curriculum development
  • Conduct workshops to promote adoption of Knowledge Management in pedagogy & curriculum development


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Curriculum Improvement

Engagement Models


Intervention Period: 5-8 Weeks
  • Institutional Assessment
  • Strategy Building
  • Implementation Plan
  • Technical strategy
  • Knowledge Audit


Intervention Period: 3-6 Months
  • Everything in ADVISORY +
  • Operational Strategy & Managing challenges
  • Enterprise Social networking platform
  • Hand hold Implementation
  • Training & Workshops


Intervention Period: 12-15 Months
  • Everything in CONSULTATION +
  • Research Collaboration competency framework
  • End-to-end Implementation Services
  • FPP Model
  • Adoption & Behavioral change programme


Retainership Model
  • Everything in IMPLEMENTATION +
  • End-to-End Knowledge Management
  • Dedicated team
  • Outcome based model
  • KPO Program

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