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Corporate Sector

Everything is Knowledge: Charting A New Destiny for KM

Anything and everything within an organization is expressions of knowledge, be that the ability of an employee, approach/process adopted to perform an activity, the culture of an organization, how employees come together, the products or services.

Corporate Sector

Changing Roles of Knowledge Manager: Charting A New Destiny for KM

Things are going to change very fast. KM practitioners should hold on tight as they will go through a roller coaster ride. We look forward to a KM function which may not have any shades of Legacy KM but will be the engine of growth for organizations.

Corporate Sector

Mission to Take KM to Where It Belongs: Charting A New Destiny For Knowledge Management

Knowledge will always be important for organizations and managing knowledge will never be a fad. To ensure that we manage organizations by leveraging ‘knowledge’ is not going to be an easy journey. While there is no easy solution, the first question is who will work towards setting things straight. Well, the only folks who will be and should be working on this are the KM practitioners, researchers and academicians.

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