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Corporate Sector

Understanding, Envisioning Role of Technology in Knowledge Management

Technology is the servant and not a master, however, it will work only for those who can show it money or at least invest in it. The need of the hour for KM fraternity is to work with research labs, academic institutes and focus on evolving technology in areas which commercial organizations have ignored.

Academic Sector

A Few Thoughts On Content Management – Charting A New Destiny For KM

Content Management is key to any organization and is very critical from a knowledge management perspective. If practised in a planned manner, it can help organizations learn regularly, as well as ensure that organizations know what they have and regularly update it.

Corporate Sector

Future of Knowledge Management

There is a future for everything, be that an individual, a country, a product, a technology, an industry, as well as a management practice. Knowledge management practice also has a future. How promising it can be depends on whether it remains a mute spectator or takes control of it.

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