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Corporate Sector

Future of Knowledge Management

There is a future for everything, be that an individual, a country, a product, a technology, an industry, as well as a management practice. Knowledge management practice also has a future. How promising it can be depends on whether it remains a mute spectator or takes control of it.

Corporate Sector

AI and KM: Meeting The Knowledge Requirements Of Employees

Gone will be the days where CEO’s lament, “If only we knew what we know”. Studies have shown that knowledge seeking behaviour consumes almost 20 – 30 % time of an employee. Since knowledge seeking is mostly done by knowledge workers, who are highly paid, cutting down this time and productive usage of their time makes lot of sense. Fortunately AI can offer tools for this. AI driven tools will not only help us know what we know, but apply the same.

Corporate Sector

Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management – Designing Intelligent Content Management Systems

We are fast moving into a world where we do not expect employees to come to knowledge bases searching for content. Intelligent content management systems will be able to provide customized services at the individual level, catering to individual work-related knowledge needs. These tools will have a deep knowledge of each employee and will be able to accordingly provide knowledge and information.

Corporate Sector

Reuse of Knowledge – Understanding What It Means: Charting a New Destiny For KM

Is it a mature KM culture when a project reports 20% reuse of knowledge? Is an organization having a mature KM culture, if there is extensive sharing between the employees? Well, the answer is ‘no’. Let us understand the working of reuse and analyse why a high level of reuse may reflect a weak KM culture and application.

Corporate Sector

Why ‘Managing Knowledge’​ is a Revolutionary Idea!

Making an organization flexible, agile and innovative at the same time is the holy grail that many leaders are chasing. Managing knowledge has the potential to be a ‘revolutionary idea’​ and help organizations achieve drastic improvements in business parameters. This would require us to revisit the way we manage knowledge and realize the potentials of knowledge management.

Corporate Sector

Smart Organizations – The Imminent Revolution

Do we manage organizations or do organizations manage us? If it is the former, how efficient are we in doing so? And what exactly is a Smart Organization? Here are your answers.

Academic Sector

Corona Virus And The Power Of Managing Knowledge

The recent time has shown the emergence of novel and fatal diseases. This has proved that holding knowledge would never do any good, as is evident from a scenario from Kerala. Here is how knowledge sharing and management has helped the government and community to cope better with the corona virus.

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